We believe that fuelling your body should be as natural as possible; meaning that what you consume has either: walked on the land, swam/floated in the water, grown from the ground or picked from trees... you get the idea.
If you don't have the time or desire to hunt, fish or grow your own food, take the time to find someone that does through "meat groups", a friend that fishes, etc... or find the location of a LOCAL Farmer's Market. You would be surprised at how many of these sources are one simple inquiry away and are often cost effective. The ones that aren't, consider the superior nutritional advantage that you are giving your body; and that is PRICELESS!
Close-to-Source Nutrition
When we can' t fill our grocery list with items coming direct from their source due to season, travel, or limited time, we add a small list of products that "supplement" and fill the void until such a time that they are available direct from the source. The products that we sell are as close to the source as we could find. The ingredients should be identifiable and not make you feel that you are ingesting an advanced chemistry class. If you are unaware of what an ingredient is, do some research and empower yourself with the knowledge about what eventually makes up every cell in our body;
You Are Your Fuel!

Source Nutrition