Movement Training - Train Primal

If you think of movement, posture, power, etc... in relation to training, the default trend is to follow the traditional bodybuilding model. Isolating body parts, overloading and training in positions with no relevance to nature or sport. The focus is more on external looks and the outcomes are bulky, muscle-bound bodies usually battling through some kind of injury. Not ideal.
Training Primal does just the opposite. It's focus is on developing a natural, efficient, adaptable and athletic body that can conquer most anything that is put in its path.
Our concept, Train Primal, gives you permission to let go of all the rules that we have all been historically taught and move the way that we are designed to move... with freedom & efficiency.
The Train Primal concept is as an overall term for our "No Rules" approach to training. That is not to say that there is no structure, progressions, or measurables. You will get stronger, you will get faster, you will exceed your expectations; both physically and mentally.
It's more than Out Of The Box training, there is NO BOX!!