Massage Therapy

This treatment process is tailored to the clients' needs and goals. Treatment can happen in a progression of sessions or for specific conditions. A typical first appointment would involve an interview and assessment to determine the predominant area of dysfunction and any other important factors that affect function. Hands-on treatment occurs while the patient is lying down or seated in a comfortable position. Some techniques are applied with lotion and some without. Treatment frequently involves standing or sitting up to assess movement or perform a take-home exercise.

KMI Structural Integration

KMI is a focussed type of Massage Therapy that follows a series of 12 sessions that works on the Myofascial System in the body; more commonly know as your Connective Tissue. Each session strategically builds on the previous one, although the actual number needed may vary:

Sessions 1-4 are the "superficial" sessions; freeing the "sleeve" of the front, back, and sides of the body. These sessions are designed to affect the tissue and muscles closest to the surface of the skin.

Sessions 5-8 are the "core" sessions; this work goes deeper into the body. These sessions are designed to affect and awaken the older adhesions and restrictions in our fascia that many of our compensations are built upon.

Sessions 9-12 are the "integration" sessions; they reconnect the relationship of the sleeve, arms and the core, giving you and your body a more favourable, balanced and comfortable way to move and live. The lack of "integration" in these layers due to acute trauma or chronic compensations may have gotten you into your current situation to begin with! This "finishing" work will continue like a ripple in the water, helping you find a more positive, long term way of being long after your last session has been completed.




Darren Pottle - Registered Massage Therapist



Michelle Pottle - Board Certified KMI-Structural Integrator

BCSI, KMI, Associate Teacher Anatomy Trains, Certified Yoga Teacher



Call or Email & Location
Session Rate:

30 minutes; $70.00*

45 minutes; $105.00*
60 minutes; $130.00*

*(+ tax)


New Patient Forms:

For Darren's Clients
To be most efficient, please print & fill out the Patient History Form and review the Consent Form; this is to be signed in-person at the first appointment.
You can bring them in to your first appointment!
Sessions Include:
  • Postural assessment

  • Bodywork​

  • Gait assessment

  • Homecare

Client Experience, What to Bring & Wear:

Session times are approximate due to the sessions being designed for each individual client. Some sessions may run a few minutes longer or shorter. Clients will be engaging in movement on and off the treatment table during the sessions so instead of draping, clients are asked to wear full coverage underwear or lightweight shorts and (for women) a regular/sports bra, or a tank-top during the sessions - Your comfort is my PRIORITY!