Michelle received her training in Thailand in 2002 and has been teaching ever since. She tends to lead classes more from an anatomical foundation so that each student/client can leave with a bit more knowledge about their body and how it functions than when they entered. Michelle provides private and public classes with the details below!



Hockey is a sport that is dynamic in nature but can create many short and long term physical issues due to the skating posture/stride and explosive, dominating rotations due to the shot. We work with teams/groups, in-season and off-season, to assist in preventing, minimizing and rehabbing all the challenges and limitations that hockey creates.

Private Yoga


Working one on one was the original way Yoga was practiced. This method allows that student and teacher to focus on the specific needs of the individual. Whether you are looking to gain confidence to join a class or you are looking for the focused and specific attention, private yoga is a great choice.



Classes are customized to each group. There are no drop in classes. Put your own group together and contact Michelle for scheduling information.


Contact Michelle through the website for more details.